Nikki’s is the author of more than twenty books, most of which are for children and teenagers. She writes in many genres including short novels for emerging readers, hi-interest low vocabulary novels for reluctant teen readers, fantasy fiction, biography, picture books, and non-fiction. Whether writing historical, fantasy, mystery or contemporary fiction, Nikki’s love of stories and storytelling illuminates all her work. Nikki tailors her presentations to age groups from K-Adult.

The difference between speaking to students who have received some preparation and those who have not is astounding. The ideal situation is for each child to have read at least one of Nikki Tate’s books. If this is not possible, then teachers are encouraged to read at least a few chapters aloud in class.

Prior to Nikki’s visit, it is very helpful if children can think of questions they would like to ask. As many of the author’s personal experiences provide the inspiration for her novels, teachers may wish to discuss the way fiction and reality intersect in the novel form. This idea is also explored during the presentation. Nikki’ presentation (she needs a laptop projector), that includes examples from every step of the writing process including copies of her earliest stories (written when she was eight years old), editor’s notes, and examples of faxes sent from the illustrator when cover designs are being considered. Her presentation includes where her ideas come from, writing the first draft, keeping track of characters, the editing process, book design, proofreading, typesetting, promotion, publicity, fan mail, and many anecdote and stories about the writing life. Though the presentation is interactive throughout, there is also a question and answer period at the end. Each presentation also includes a brief reading (selections vary depending on group size and age). Presentations run from 60-90 minutes and conclude with a draw for door prizes. Typically, the better prepared the students, the longer the question and answer period will last.

When time permits, Nikki is happy to stay after a presentation for autographs. Please note that on a tour it is not always possible to stay long enough to sign every bookmark! (children who bring books to sign will, of course, be accommodated). Please check with the author prior to promising children an autograph session. Schools interested in making books available for sale to students should let Nikki know this well in advance. Schools are generally offered a discount on all titles purchased directly from the publisher. This discount may either be passed along to students or used as a fundraiser.

During her presentation Nikki requires a laptop projector and an extension cord. Nikki also needs a large table on which to display notebooks, character cards, books, etc., a separate table and chair if book sales will be required, and a glass of water. Please discuss these details well in advance of Nikki’s arrival.

Fees for standard school presentations: $1000.00 per day, plus GST and expenses (maximum, 3 presentations). For single readings, $400.00 (+GST) plus all expenses.

Other speaking engagements: Please contact Nikki (nikkitate [at] gmail [dot] com) for fees for non-standard presentations, keynote speeches, writing workshops, storytelling performances, motivational speeches with Karen Brain, and rates for tours outside North America.

“Nikki Tate’s presentation was the best they have ever seen…” Invermere Public Library

“Yours was the most successful tour I have ever arranged.” Kootenay Library Federation

“Nikki delivered her presentation with wit, drama, and humour.” Sandra Lamont, Teacher-Librarian

“She held them spellbound for 90 minutes!” 

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