The Racehorse (Behind the Scenes)

Fitzhenry and Whiteside, $12.95 Experienced horsewoman Nikki Tate takes the reader behind the scenes to examine the world of the racetrack. Sections include: The history of horse racing from chariots to chuckwagons; An examination of the racing breeds from thoroughbreds to quarter horses; The role of the trainers, […]

Jo’s Journey

Orca Young Readers, $7.95 It’s 1862, and orphan Jo has made it from Carson City, Nevada, to San Francisco without anyone figuring out that she’s a girl in boys’ clothing. When she hears talk of gold strikes in the Cariboo, Jo and her friend Bart sign on for […]

Jo’s Triumph

Orca Young Readers, $6.95 Flame quivered beneath me, ready to fly off the moment I asked. “The mail’s been stopped one minute and twenty seconds,” Uncle Billy said. “That’s more than long enough.” He slapped Flame on the rump and the horse leaped forward as if shot from […]

Trouble on Tarragon Island

Sono Nis Pres $9.95 Heather Blake is horrified when her grandmother gets involved with the Ladies of the Forest, a radical group of protesters willing to do just about anything to save a stand of old-growth trees from the loggers’ chainsaws. When the Ladies make a calendar, semi-nude […]

No Caf├ęs in Narnia

Sono Nis Press It’s not easy to have a private life on a small island. Thirteen-year-old Heather Blake can’t stand the fact people on Tarragon Island know about her family’s traumas practically before she does. The local youth writing group is supposed to help her meet people and […]

Tarragon Island

Sono Nis Press, $6.95 Heather Blake can’t believe her bad luck when her family moves from Toronto to tiny Tarragon Island on the West Coast. What will she, a budding author, write about on this rock in the middle of nowhere? Heather’s mother is too busy getting established […]

The Battle for Carnillo

Sono Nis Press Banished from his tribe, twelve-year-old Dominique’s quest continues as he reaches the great port city of Carnillo. Civil strife and rumours of imminent invasion bring suspicion upon all who walk the streets. Arrested and imprisoned, Dominique receives help from an unexpected ally and is drawn […]