My Kingdom for a Caption

  Deep Roots:How Trees Sustain Our Planet is back on my desk for a few days. This is part of the Orca Footprints series (Orca Book Publishers) and, like the other books in this series, it looks beeee-u-tee-ful! Jenn at Orca is doing a great job with these titles […]

Under reconstruction!

Please excuse the chaos and dust as we rebuild the website! Things are a tad chaotic right now, so if you don’t find what you are looking for, no wonder – it’s probably not where you saw it last! All things being equal, this messy phase won’t last […]


Orca Soundings, $9.95 Tara’s sister died a year ago, on the day that Tara didn’t answer her phone when Hannah called. And Hannah stepped in front of a bus. Now Tara lives with the guilt of wondering if things would be different if she had been there when […]

Razor’s Edge

Orca Sports, $9.95 Travis and his best friends Ryan and Jasper live for the thrill of watching their horses race. When a thief starts hacking off the tails of Standardbred horses stabled at Blackdown Park, suddenly the track isn’t such a great place to hang out. Things get […]


Orca Sports, $9.95 Sixteen-year-old Spencer loves his job at the local racing stable, but when he becomes convinced that someone is drugging the racehorse Lord of the Flies, no one believes him. In an effort to find out who is behind a dangerous race-fixing scheme, he takes on […]