About Nikki

Nikki Tate was born in Birmingham, England, but spent her childhood roaming the globe. She is the author of more than two dozen books ranging from picture books to teen fiction. Her non-fiction titles cover subjects from trees to birthdays to farming. Nikki has always enjoyed both writing and telling stories, as well as camping, kayaking, climbing and horseback riding. She has worked as a regular book reviewer on CBC Radio’s All Points West, as a professional storyteller, a farmer, a publicist, and for many years was a bookseller at the wonderful independent bookstore, Bolen Books in Victoria, BC. Nikki’s home base is on Vancouver Island, but she loves to travel, particularly if she can find some rock or ice to climb or an ocean to sail. Follow her adventures here.


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  1. Very nice website Nikki and the blog is great reading too. That’s a lot of work!
    i didn’t realize you are from England as well……..


    • Hi Manjit! I just saw this comment now – I obviously need to pay more attention to this website! I’m not sure what got into me to decide to do regular posts over on the farm blog, but that certainly is keeping me busy… And, yes – another Brit! Thanks for stopping by…


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