Defected to Medium…

It may seem like I’ve been very quiet around here, but the truth is I’ve been writing a lot over on Medium. There are all kinds of reasons for that (I’ll be writing a post talking about the benefits of Medium as a blogging platform, how to get started, etc.), but while you are waiting for that, here are a few recent posts you might find interesting.

I’ve been writing a lot about writing including this post about strategies for first drafts, this one about picture book creation, and this one about writing Clerihews.

There have been a few posts about travel (like this one about provisioning our sailboat) and several about art (like this one about the fine art of selfie-taking).

Each day this month I’ve also been posting a Writing Prompt a Day in May challenge. Here’s the link to the first post in the series, if you’d like to have a look and play along.

I promise I won’t wait quite so long before posting again! If you are also writing on Medium, let me know. I LOVE the community over there and would love to connect!

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