A Shout Out to My Agent! Thanks, Amy!


For years I didn’t have an agent. Then I had one for a while and we didn’t really click. So then I didn’t have an agent again. After a few more years, I decided to try again and have been with Transatlantic Agency ever since (though, as people have retired and moved on I’ve been with three different agents within the agency since I signed up). Amy Tompkins is my agent at the moment and one of my favourite people on the planet. I am generally terrible about keeping up with my correspondence, but I tell you, when Amy drops me a line, all else stops until I’ve looked at (and dealt with) her email.


This might look like a crazy person’s idea of fun, but it’s also very serious work. I may be hanging off the side of a mountain, but I’m also doing research… Because when you make your living writing, at some level, you are always doing research. 

Recently, Amy let me know that an educational publisher was offering some freelance work. Although the timelines were tight, I threw my hat in the ring and snagged a project about rock-climbing.


That’s me doing a bit of climbing at Lake Louise this summer.

What is perhaps coolest about this particular project is not just that it landed in my lap because of Amy’s excellent efforts, but that this project is an example of how important it is to follow your passions and write about the things you love best. I don’t write much about climbing on this blog (it’s supposed to be more about my writing world), but if you are curious about my climbing/travelling/sailing exploits, have a look at my other blog ( The fact that I’m going to spend a good chunk of time holed up reading about climbing and the mountains makes me pretty happy!


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