Double Take: Karen Brain’s Olympic Journey

Sono Nis Press, $12.95

Double Take is for young horse-lovers, biography fans, or simply anyone who loves an inspiring story.

From an early age, Canadian equestrian Karen Brain is determined to someday compete in the Olympics. Her first riding lessons aren’t terribly encouraging, but Karen is determined. Soon jumping over obstacles becomes her specialty literally and figuratively, as she struggles to get her own mount, the coaching she needs, and the funds to achieve her goals. Winning isn’t a problem, though. Karen’s hard work puts her at the top again and again. And then, one day, she falls. Her spine is shattered, and her doctors tell her she might never walk again, much less ride a horse. And jumping? Impossible.

Well, obstacles are this rider’s specialty. How much so readers will discover as they follow her challenging but ultimately triumphant course from hospital bed to Paralympic medal podium.

The story is expertly guided by the capable hands of Nikki Tate, author of many popular horse novels for young readers. Tate’s characteristically energetic prose plus many photos from the Brain family’s own collection beautifully convey Karen Brain’s zeal for her beloved horses and the work of riding them; her generous gratitude for the support of friends, family, and coaches; her joy and infectious enthusiasm; and, above all, her indomitable spirit.

Watch Karen Brain's Story on Veoh

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