Fitzhenry and Whiteside

The Racehorse (Behind the Scenes)

Fitzhenry and Whiteside, $12.95

Experienced horsewoman Nikki Tate takes the reader behind the scenes to examine the world of the racetrack.

Sections include:

  • The history of horse racing from chariots to chuckwagons;
  • An examination of the racing breeds from thoroughbreds to quarter horses;
  • The role of the trainers, grooms, farriers, track vets, pony riders, outriders, and paddock judges;
  • Care of a horse at the racetrack;
  • Horse equipment;
  • The jockey’s training;
  • What goes on in the racing office;
  • How to read the program;
  • How the starting gates work;
  • Drug use and cheating; and
  • A horse’s life after the racetrack.
  • An examination of horse racing from a history of the breeds developed for the sport, through training and caring for horses at the track, to the day of the race and beyond.
“A very thorough and very readable investigation of racehorses and horse racing.”
— The Globe and Mail
An attractive and informative book. . . Young people intrigued by horse racing, and especially those who have visited a racetrack, will find this a detailed, colorful account of what goes on behind the scenes.”
— Booklist“Clearly written and well-organized introduction to the world of the racehorse. . . The numerous color photographs are well chosen and complement this solidly researched, knowledgeable text.”
— School Library Journal

“Tate, an experienced horsewoman and novelist, has written a fine introduction to the racehorse, the sport of horse racing, and the many people involved in the sport. . . Almost every page includes one or more colour photographs that aptly illustrate the text.
Highly Recommended.
— CM Magazine

“The content is readily accessible, but it’s the vivid photographs that will catch the reader’s attention. Illustrations of horses in action, the equipment and tools of the trade, and some of the people who devote their lives to the racing life appear on almost every page of this book. . . (Tate’s) knowledge and obvious enthusiasm shine through on every colourful, fact-filled page.”
— Quill & Quire

“Lots of potential to inspire critical thinking among young scientists and animal lovers.”
— The Toronto Star

“Here is a book that horse-lovers will enjoy. . . I have already recommended this colorful, up-to-date hardcover to a couple of girls that love horses; I think it will be well-read at our school.”
— Lane Education Service District (5 out of 5 Stars)

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